Key Idea

Sort the tokens array in ascending order.
Keep left and right indices, which denotes allowed tokens available with initialPower.

left \(\leftarrow\) 0
right \(\leftarrow\) n-1

While left <= right:

  1. Find maximum score we can make with tokens in [left, right] and update maximumScore.
  2. Subtract tokens[l] from initialPower and add tokens[r] to initialPower.
  3. Increment left by 1, and decrement right by 1.

Return maxScore value in the end.

Sorting apparently takes \(O(n{\log}n)\).
The indices left and right covers all n tokens, and each time there is a computation with n-complexity.
Thie makes time complexity \(O(n^2)\).

  • Time: \(O(n{\log}n + n^2)\)
  • Space: \(O(1)\)


class Solution {
    public int bagOfTokensScore(int[] tokens, int initialPower) {
        int n= tokens.length, l= 0, r= n-1;
        int maxScore= 0;
        while (l <= r) {
            if (tokens[l] > initialPower) break;
            int idx= l, score= 0, power= initialPower;
            while (idx <= r && tokens[idx] <= power) {
                power -= tokens[idx++];
            maxScore= Math.max(maxScore, score);

            initialPower += (tokens[r]-tokens[l]);
            ++l; --r;
        return maxScore;

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